So it Begins…

I was never one those females that yearned to be a mother nor am I very motherly woman by nature, but I did picture myself raising a wee human at some point. When I told people I was pregnant and that yes it was planned, my inner circle was curious about the experience from my perspective, an honest, dry and realistic (not pessimistic) take on motherhood.

I never had much experience with children since I am a “lonely only” or society likes to categorize me in – side rant.  I will admit I am fiercely independent with a requirement of alone time and am not a fan of sharing food, but who really is. Obviously having a child meant that these “needs” of mine would take a back seat, as well as the requisite to increase my eww tolerance. My partner in all of this is very likely the nicest person I have ever met.

Once we decided that children or a child would be in our future, or we hoped it would be, we decided we didn’t want to stress ourselves out by “trying” so we pulled the goalie and threw caution to the wind. Well with him being Irish and their nationality taking over the world – or so it would seem on St. Patrick’s day and me being half German, and the Germans love their efficiency, it was a wham bam thank you ma’am and I was pregnant.

As far as pregnancy went mine was an easy one. The usual first trimester tiredness, the second trimester I hated by body and by the third I realized I could wear horizontal stripes and tight dresses because having a belly was finally cute. My personality meant there was no slowing down, at work still pulling overtime, walking 5 KMs a day, weight lifting two days before my water broke. Convinced my baby would be late I didn’t think much of going out and enjoying life, then my water broke while getting passport pictures and I became scene from one of those Hollywood mom “comedies”, and so my journey to motherhood began and so does my blog.





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