Thank You

This blog post originally wasn't going to be a blog post but instead an update on our personal social media pages, like most things I had too much to say. My partner and I thought we would share because like many people there are days we feel overwhelmed with the news, the stats, the images.... Continue Reading →

Shy Guy

Cillian was a very happy and engaging baby, loved attention from everyone and was born with that ability to attract people to him. Cillian also had a lot of changes in his short life - well relative to the first world Western society he is being raised in. He currently is living in his fourth... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Duo

To say that I took a hiatus from writing is an understatement, I have no real excuse except life. In the modern day juggling act of family, home, career, adulting, Netflix, maybe the gym and sleep, keeping up with my blog didn't make the list - in reality neither did the gym. I wasn't quite... Continue Reading →

New Found Land

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote a blog post, I have a few started and not completed and then you know life happens... We also have had an amazing Fall which means we are never home when we aren't obligated to be. I have just come back from another work trip, and while... Continue Reading →

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Since Cillian has been born we have spent almost every moment together, until the dreaded-not-so-bad-going-back-to-work thing that happened. My partner and I, partially due to circumstance and partially due to choice haven't taken a lot of moments for us, I mean beyond the obvious one - the hour and half after you finally get Mr.... Continue Reading →

Working 9 to 5

The idea of going back to work haunted me throughout my entire maternity leave, similar to that cringeworthy moment you tried unsuccessfully to seduce your crush and got publicly rejected - and now every once and while when you are feeling great about your adulting, that moment pops into your head and you shrivel inside... Continue Reading →


You are currently asleep in our bed because it is rainy outside and I wanted snuggles - the only time you stay still long enough to get snuggles is right before you fall asleep - I know this probably is looked down upon in most parenting books. It's absolutely mind boggling to me that you... Continue Reading →


Our whole life is about milestones, even death is a milestone - not usually celebrated the same way, as say your first kiss or bow chicka wow wow, but still a milestone. Milestones are literal markers on a road to tell you how far you have come, and the dictionary describes milestones as a significant... Continue Reading →

Will You Be My Friend?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wasn't exactly Casanova when it came to dating, well apparently that awkward, not picking up on cues and overall ignorance to the process, is also my style when it comes to making friends - something I didn't realize I was in want of. In my Calgary life... Continue Reading →

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