Dynamic Duo

To say that I took a hiatus from writing is an understatement, I have no real excuse except life. In the modern day juggling act of family, home, career, adulting, Netflix, maybe the gym and sleep, keeping up with my blog didn't make the list - in reality neither did the gym. I wasn't quite... Continue Reading →

Oregon Trail

Sorry I haven't written in a while, the last few weeks I have been on my own personal version of Oregon Trail - you know the computer game where nine of your 10 children die of dysentery and the last few of you remaining drown after you finally reach the damn river you have to... Continue Reading →

Mo Ghrá

In the honour of the month of love I thought it would be a fitting time to talk about my relationship. Like love stories from years gone by, ours started out at a hipster bar. Two awkward humans - one with adult braces (me), who had experienced enough tragic love in the form of online... Continue Reading →

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